Born in in 1971, I ignited my love of stone carving at the tender age 14, when I completed a weeks work experience from school at The South West Stone Masonry & Restoration Company. I knew immediately that this was the area I wanted to work in. It helped that I was told that I had natural talent for stone carving.

nickOn leaving school I was offered a three and a half year apprenticeship with the same company and I studied at Bath College during this time.

Since finishing my apprenticeship and passing all my exams including Advanced Craft, I have worked on many exciting projects and worked for several different stone companies. Over the years I have gained a wealth of experience and further honed my skills using traditional tools and methods.

I was recently commissioned to carve a 30ft long floral swag on a beautiful building in the West country. This attracted interest from the local press and bbc news.

Nicholas Culley – Stonemason

Below is a short video showing a BBC Points West news story that focused on a project I worked on: